Great talent just doesn’t fall out of the sky. It takes a good process to ensure our customers get the best.



ShoreWise has screening and evaluation processes in place so that we identify candidates that most closely match our clients’ requirements relative to skills and experience, as well as salary. As one of the nation’s fastest growing and respected technology staffing companies, we have learned that a resume does not suffice in identifying and screening qualified applicants.


We qualify candidates regarding:



        Licensure (if applicable)


        Job Specific Qualifications

        Cultural Fit



Knowledgeable, Skilled, Technical SME’s – Our subject matter experts help to screen candidates in critical, highly-skilled areas. They know the technology, so they know when a candidate knows the technology.


Networking and Community Connections – Our database is only the starting point. We network within technology communities to understand what’s hot, where the talent is and what it takes to be successful.


Specialty Practice Areas – We don’t try to cover everything. We focus on specific specialty areas to understand the business challenges, skills required and the technologies utilized.


Communication – We believe it’s as important to communicate clearly with our candidates as well as with our customers. We strive to clearly define the position, requirements and work environment so that we can have a good conversation on the right fit. Candidates are not submitted without their consent and agreement.


The War for Talent

and How to Win It

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